Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reading Ladder: Sharks

Want to learn more about SHARKS?  Check out the reading ladder below.

Sharks Reading ladder
1. I Survived Sharks  author: Tarshis   Call letters: Tar
2.  Shark.  author: Macquitty  Call letters:Mac  call numbers: 597.3
3.  Swimming With Hammerhead sharks  Author: Mallory call letters: Mal  call numbers: 597.3
4.  Shark Attack  author:Jackson  call letters: Jac  call numbers: 597.3
5. Sharks  author: Lewis  call letters: Lew  call numbers: 597.3
6. Sharks  author: Simon  call letters: Sim  call numbers: 597.3
7. Incredible Sharks  author: Simon  call letters: Sim  call numbers: 597.3
By Biruk, T.O, Jonah


  1. Nice reading ladder Biruk, T.O. and Jonah. Your ladder is very organized. The picture of the shark is pretty cool.