Friday, January 16, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley
by Jonah 

Hidden valley was awesome.  I learned how to ski and how fun it was.  Though I did fall several times and it was kind of hard to get up.  Lots of people fell.  I didn't get to go on the big slopes because I didn't have a grey pass but some people did.  The big hills looked alot steeper than the one I did.  On the hill I did there was a chair lift up to the top of the hill.  Some people almost fell off the chair lift. When I did the chair lift I fell alot when I got off.  Other people did too so the chair lift had to stop every few minutes.

There were also stations we had to do before we could go ski on our own.  There were 7 of them.  The first station was simple.  We had to show them we could put our skies on.  At the second station we had to duck walk with our skies on.  At the third station we had to go sideways up a hill.  At the fourth station we had to do pizza and french fries with our skies down a little hill.  At the fifth station we had to go up the magic carpet up to a hill.  The sixth station was on that hill.  We had to do pizza and french fries while going down the hill again only the hill was steeper this time.  At station 7 there was cones and we had to ski through the cones.  Once we completed that station we were free to go.  The stations didn't take that long.  The whole trip was really fun.  Did you like hidden valley?  


  1. I love HV especially the Rope Tow.

  2. Jonah,
    Have you ever skied before?

  3. jonah did you get the gray pass

  4. Sounds like you had a really fun time Jonah.