Friday, January 16, 2015

PE: Hidden Valley Ski Trip

Hidden Valley Ski Trip by Soren
We walked into a pretty big building and sat down, I saw my friend Nolan who was from Captain.Then an instructor came and told us about lunch, skate rentals, different ski lifts and everything else we needed to know. After that we watched a video that showed us all the stations up to station four. After watching the three or four minute long video we went to get our boots for skiing.When we got the weird boots on we got our ski’s and I got a helmet.
It was time for the ski stations. The first one was easy because it was getting your skis on and then walking in them. All the stations were easy but station’s five to seven were king of challenging, but still pretty easy.When we were finished with the station’s we were free to ski anywhere we wanted too because I had a pass. We couldn’t go on the most difficult ones until 1:00.
I got on the ski lift, it took about 10 minutes or less to get up, but when we got to the top and skied down it was worth it. You went about 20 or 30 miles an hour if you went fast enough and were on the big slopes.I went down every slope I could until it was 1:00 because that’s when the harder slopes opened.When the most difficult slopes opened I went on them.I went so fast, it was so cool. You went really fast and you had to take a different ski lift to get up to the slopes.By the end of the day I hade gone down every slope atlest three times except the ones that rentail gear couldn’t go in.I went down blue, black and red slopes. Hidden valley was awesome and fun.
    Did you have fun? Would you go again?What did you like the best?


  1. I had fun and I would go again.The fun part was actually skiing down the slopes.

  2. I did have fun, I would go again and I liked the Rope Tow the best.

  3. Soren,
    To answer your ?'s yes 2 the 1st 2 and the chair lift was probably my favorite thing.

  4. every slope even the rope tow?

  5. Soren have you ever skied before?