Sunday, January 25, 2015

PE: Rollerblading

        roller blading by Soren

    This week we are doing rollerblading. We do rollerblading tomorrow and through the week, so I am predicting that it will be awesome. Rollerblading is awesome because you can go fast, slow, make sharp turns and cut people off so they fall :D haha.
    Rollerblading can have it’s downs, Including putting your helmet on, getting your blades and putting them on, getting your wrist guards on with the olw side up and getting the hang of rollerblading. When you are done with all that good stuff, you can  blade fast or slow or the speed of when you fall and skid on the ground.
    I can’t wait to blade can you? Since this post will probably will be posted tomorrow you have already been rollerblading, so then you will know what your favorite part of rollerblading was so What was your favorite part in rollerblading?


  1. Soren, I really like rollerblading also. Great blog post with lots of detail - Kate

  2. My favorite part was the whole thing.