Monday, January 26, 2015

Reading Ladder: Dangerous Animals

Non Fiction Reading Ladder
Dangerous Animals
                    By Jean and Chanel
 #1  Life in the Rain Forest.  Author: Lucy Baker-  This book has some facts about dangerous animals and also other animals that arn’t dangerous.  So it would not have been my first choice to read for this topic.  There are also pictures of the animals.
    #2  Poisonous Snakes.  Author: Seymour  Simon- 74.  This book is kinda long but on each pages there is a few sentences but some have full pages.  So it probably would not take you too long to read it.  The pictures on this are also good in my opinion.
    #3  Big Cats.  Author: Seymour Simon- 39 pages.  This book is pretty short but it has lots of facts about BIG cats like Lions.  I would read definitely read this book if I wanted to find out more about BIG cats.  I also like the pictures because some are cute and some are funny.
    4 Shark Attack.  Author: Tom Jackson- 32pg.  This book I find interesting because there are people that survived, interesting and funny facts about sharks.  This book is pretty simple to read and there are many pictures.  There were some facts that I did know and some I did not know.
    5 Jaguars.  Author: Julie Murray- 24 pages.  This book is a short easy book to read.  There are pictures one  page and words one the other page so it is like a pattern. The pictures match the words so it is not like about what they eat then it shows a picture of a jaguar in a tree.
    6 Dinosaur.  Author: Penelope Arlon- 19 pages.  This book I think is a really good kids book because there is a rime on the first page and fold out pages and fun stuff like that.  There is are fun facts not scary facts and not too many words.
    7 The Great Monster Hunt.  Author: Norbert Landa- 24 pages.  This book is actually not a nonfiction book.  It is about a duck that thinks there is a monster under her bed so she yells for help then everyone comes animals to help duck.  But we did not know that it was a story like that.

    We arranged this chart on a scale of 1-7 one being the hardest seven being the easiest.

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  1. Nice reading ladder Chanel and Jean. Thanks for the summaries about the books. I like how you arranged them from 1-7.