Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review: Jake and Lily

                            Jake and Lily by Manny

    Jake and Lily is a book by Jerry Spinelli. It is about these twins named Jake and Lily. So there were a lot of weird and interesting things in this book. Like goombla and goobers and super goobers. The book started off where Jake and Lily met at a train station on their sixth  birthday. This kept happening on and on. Now, it is the summer of fifth grade. I liked Jake and Lily wrote the book together. It was from there point of views. I think that is really cool. Jake and Lily did everything together. Until one day when Jake got his own room and Lily felt like they were growing apart. Soon, Jake started to make his own friends. Lily didn’t like that at all. Grandpa moved in to the neighborhood and he helped Lily with what she had to do to feel comfortable and not bored without Jake. They tried a lot of things. Like stamp collecting and other stuff. She tried to make friends until she finally found one. I think her name was Sidney. Anyway, this book was great. It is my first book about twins. And I really liked it. I liked the idea of the book. You can’t just depend on your brother your whole life. You got to make new friends and find a life outside of your twinship (I made up that word). By the way, if you like reading from two different point of views or reading about twins and friendship. This book is your read.
   If you are curious about Jake’s friends, I’ll tell you some of them. There’s Ernie, Nacho, and Bump. But something happens with Bump. I forgot the other name.
   I hope you thought the book sounded good. If you want to read this great book, it’s in the library.

    Do you want to read this book?

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