Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review: The Unwanteds

            The Unwanteds by Manny
The Unwanteds is a book by Lisa McMann. It is a great fantasy story that you should you read. There’s a lot of great and complex characters in this book. There is Unwanteds and Wanteds. Alex is an Unwanted. Unwanteds go on a bus ride to this place where you die by some beast or soldiers. But then a surprise happens, they are led to a magical place called Artime. It is a school where you have a specialty and you learn magic  moves that are based on your specialty. Artime is a cool place because there is theatre, lunch, and other fun classes you can take. Alex’s specialty is art, and his teacher is Ms.Octavia. Meaghan’s specialty is music, and I think her teacher is Ms.Morning. I’m not sure. I finished the book in September.
I really enjoyed the characters and this magical world that Lisa McMann created. She is a good writer. The amazing writing in this book makes it great to read. I really want to read the next two books in the series. If you’re an Unwanteds fan, then the next two books are Island of Silence and Island of Fire. I loved this book! It is the second best book I’ve ever read so far this year.

 Do you want to read the book?

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