Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creative Writing: Christmas Miracle by Manny

Christmas Miracle by Manny

   My name is Dan. I have no friends. I never talk. When the teacher calls on me, I speak in my most quietest voice.
  “You really need to make friends”, Mom says. I just don’t know how to talk to people.
    At dinner on Christmas Eve, I picked at my food. Not wanting to eat. I wasn’t in the mood. At least, not after I got my heart torn into pieces when my best friend (a book character), died. That book character was named Manny. In the book, he was caring, and nice, also he was fearless. Just like the Manny from school. He died fighting. How tragic was that? Very.
    I continued to be a food picker, until my mom scolded,”Eat up. I did not spend so much of my time making you food so you can pick at it.’’ She was right. Mom was a hard worker.     Always spending her time to make me happy. And she did. She made my favorite foods. Green bean casserole, with bread and butter and orange juice and chicken.  I soon ate all of it.  After, I sat and watched a disney show. I gave my share of laughs here and there, there and here. Then, I read a christmas book. A book about this kid who meets Santa and travels with him in the night. It was a short read. 112 pages, it was. I looked at the clock and it was 9:39.
    “Well, I better get sleeping,” he told himself. The night was long. He was tossing and turning. Stretching out his legs, his arms. Dan got more exercise than he does usually during the day.
    The next morning, it was Christmas. After his Mom and Dad got up, they started opening up presents. It was simple. Dan got his books and movies that he wanted. Then there was one last present. That present Mom took and said it was for Dan. This was the eighth present from Santa that Dan got today. Dan unwrapped it, and on the under wrapping, it said that it was from Santa. He opened it up and it was a book that said, 49 Ways to Make Friends. My eyes were down on the book. I opened it up and flipped it through. My mom asked what it was. I showed her and dad. They both loved it. I was so curious and happy right now.         
      “Hey Dan!” said my my friend Bert.
       “Oh, hey. Do you want to play zombies with Melissa, Max, Cody, Robin and Wayne?” I asked. He replied yes. We raced there. I stopped midway. “Thank you Santa. It was a Christmas Miracle.”
      “You comin’?” Bert asked. I nodded my head and ran off ahead.

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