Thursday, January 2, 2014

Peace Ball

                      The Peace Ball by Manny

The peace ball that Mrs.Spann showed us at the holiday sing was huge. You all know about the peace ball, right? You get a peace loop by doing something peaceful, like walking quietly in the hall or doing something nice for someone. If you need more information, look at the other blog about peace loops right after this.
 Anyway, the peace ball was put together by some gifted kids and other teachers. The gifted kids were in fifth grade. The peace ball last year was huge, but this one may be a little bit bigger. It’s insane! I feel like the kids got way more than last year. Especially me. I got like 5. The last few years, peace loops were very rare for me. I got like 2 or 3. But now, the kids are more peaceful than ever! I am happy that our whole school was able to be nice and kind throughout the whole month of November.   

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