Thursday, January 2, 2014

Amazing Books

                                 Amazing Books by Manny

 On Christmas, I got clothes, a movie, a teddy bear I named Julian, and the rest were 13 books. The books were all great. The first two books were School Days According to Humphrey and Avril Lavigne’s Make 5 Wishes. It is a comic book about a girl who’s concious is Avril Lavigne. I got a whole series of 6 books which were Warriors: The New Prophecy by Erin Hunter. I’m so close to getting to that series. Next, I got the City of Bones and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare from my older brother. The books sound interesting. The first book was 485 pages and my mom finished it in one day! That’s crazy. I also got a Gabby Douglas autobiography and an Avril Lavigne biography. I am seriously excited to read those books. I always love to read about people that are famous. Lastly, I got Requiem  by Lauren Oliver. A final book in a romance trilogy. I’m excited to finish the book and see how it ends. I asked where it was twice at Barnes and Noble but they were all out. All these books are incredible. I love how I got so many exciting books to last me a long while at Christmas. Did you get any books at Christmas?

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