Thursday, January 2, 2014

Biography: Rick Riordan

Biography 4: Rick Riordan by Manny

    Rick Riordan is a children’s author. He writes mostly about greek and egyptian mythology. A lot of students in Glenridge have read the Kane Chronicles(which was a trilogy), and Percy Jackson. I have read the first 3 books in the first series. I mostly enjoyed the Lightning Thief and the Titans Curse. Those were incredible books! I loved them equally. Also, kids have read the next series. The first series has 5 books, same with the next series. Even though Rick Riordan has published 4, the next and final book will come out in 2014.
    Some of his most successful books in his first series are the Lightning Thief and the last book:The Last Olympian. In the next series, all of them have grown to be super duper popular. I like his style of writing. He takes us to places that a lot of people know like the Gateway Arch, and the Hoover Dam and shows that monsters lurk around in those places. Also, you can relate to the characters because they have the same feelings and the interests as most people. Some of them like Grover and Percy like tacos, and they both have a sense of humor. Even if they are half gods. Well, Percy is. Fun Fact:The first series was a 1 New York Times bestselling series.
    I hope you like and learned more about Rick Riordan. He’s a talented author. He also keeps writing great books that cause a lot of buzz in the school. This is one of the best children’s authors right now. Most of you love and are obsessed with his books. He again is a great writer. Who’s your favorite author?

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